Women's Rowing

Women's rowing defeats Colgate on Cayuga Inlet

The Hamilton women's varsity 8 (foreground) races against Colgate on Saturday on Cayuga Inlet in Ithaca, N.Y. (Rob Weber photo).
The Hamilton women's varsity 8 (foreground) races against Colgate on Saturday on Cayuga Inlet in Ithaca, N.Y. (Rob Weber photo).

The Hamilton College Continentals received some mixed results on Saturday when they raced against Ithaca College and Colgate University on Cayuga Inlet in Ithaca, N.Y.

The course was 2,000 meters in length and there was a tailwind that increased throughout the day. All races were run from a stake boat start.

Hamilton started the day with its big showdown with Ithaca. The Continentals entered the weekend ranked fourth in the Division III Top 15 coaches poll. In the NCAA's New York Region, Hamilton was No. 1 in the varsity 8, second varsity 8 and team rankings. Meanwhile, the Bombers were ranked fifth in the coaches poll, and No. 2 behind the Continentals in the varsity 8 and team rankings by the NCAA. Ithaca's second varsity 8 was ranked third in the New York Region.

Unfortunately for Hamilton, the Bombers had the better crew on Saturday as they defeated the Continentals by 10 seconds with a blazing-fast time in the varsity 8, and Ithaca edged Hamilton in a second varsity 8 race that had to be reviewed on video to determine the winner.

The Continentals went on to defeat Colgate in the petite finals of the varsity 8 and second varsity 8. The Bombers bested Hamilton in the novice 8 and the Continentals triumphed over Ithaca in the novice 4.

Hamilton gets another crack at the Bombers on Saturday, May 5 at the New York State Collegiate Championships on Fish Creek in Saratoga Springs. Racing is scheduled to start at 8 a.m.


Varsity 8 Heat
Ithaca 6:38.5
Hamilton 6:48.8

Second Varsity 8 Heat
Ithaca 7:04.4
Hamilton 7:04.5

Varsity 8 Petite Final
Hamilton 6:49.0
Colgate 6:51.0

Second Varsity 8 Petite Final
Hamilton 7:10.98
Colgate 7:36.38

Novice 8
Ithaca 7:33.0
Hamilton 7:58.5

Novice 4
Hamilton 8:14.9
Ithaca 8:22.0


Rachel Sutor '20 (Cox)
Claire Callahan '18
Perrin Salewood '21
Annie Koglin '20
Danielle Schuman '19
Rachel Cooley '18
Sam Benevelli '18
Alex Brantl '18
Jade Thomas '20

Carson Goos '21 (Cox)
Pauline Santry '21
Julia Hartnett '20
Ellie Pinto '18
Isabel Bates '21
Gretchen Dowdy '21
Hannah Kaufer '21
Adriana Jonas '21
Katherine Buckley '21

Chase Ames '21 (Cox)
Alex Stetter '20
Lily Charron '21
McKenna McLean '21
Celine Yam '21
Daniella Edwards '21
Riley Nichols '21
Rileigh Arrington '21
Alison Veitch '21

Chase Ames '21 (Cox)
Alex Stetter '20
Celine Yam '21
McKenna McLean '21
Riley Nichols '21